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Rotogravure Cylinder Plant

Rotogravure Cylinder Plants are made up of mild steel and are used in packaging as well as manufacturing industries. It consumes 220 V of power and gives the maximum performance to the user.

Steam Sterilizer
Two models of steam sterilizer is available at J. B. Engineering. Any of the equipment can be selected for the job of exposing products to direct steam contact under specific pressure and temperature and pressure for the specific time period.

Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer
Ethylene oxide gas sterilizer can be availed to carry out the sterilization work of all medical instruments and devices. Bacteria is efficiently killed by this equipment to make all instruments fit for use in the medical sector.
Portable Autoclaves
Whether horizontal oriented or vertical oriented, get the portable autoclave of your choice from J. B. Engineering. This equipment is widely used in medical and chemicals industries for the purposes of sterilization and vulcanization.